June 24, 2021

Get a Free Copy of Watch Dogs 2 Before Midnight Tonight

Whether or not you tuned into Ubisoft’s latest big press event is irrelevant; you can still score a free copy of the developer’s reasonably well-liked, hacking-centric PC game Watch Dogs 2 for the low price of free. The catch? You have to claim your free game before midnight tonight (PT), or else the deal—like several of Ubisoft’s executives in recent days—will evaporate away.

I remember playing Watch Dogs 2, briefly admiring what Ubisoft was attempting to do with its geeky interpretation of the San Francisco Bay Area. I ultimately faded out of the game in favor of jumping back to more mayhem-driven classics like Grand Theft Auto V or all thirty-five installments of the Assassin’s Creed series. That’s not to say I didn’t like what the Watch Dogs world had to offer; other styles of gameplay simply spoke to me more at the time.

Still, free is free, and Watch Dogs 2 is good enough of a game that it’s worth devoting some of your precious summer gaming hours to giving it a try. You’re undoubtedly hunkering down at home—because you are smart and don’t feel the need to visit a crowded theme park and die—so why not pass the time with a not-that-old, open-world title?

The actual process of getting Watch Dogs 2 for free is the easiest part of it all. Visit this web page, log into your Uplay account (or create one), and click through all of the screens/prompts. That’s it. Once you’re successful, you’ll see this screen:

Illustration for article titled Get a Free Copy of Watch Dogs 2 Before Midnight Tonight

Screenshot: David Murphy

That’s it! You should now see Watch Dogs 2 in your Uplay desktop app, and you’ll be able to start hacking away without issue. Ubisoft’s giveaway is only for the core Watch Dogs 2 game—and not the associated DLC—so you’ll have to buy all of that on your own if you find yourself hooked by the hacker-themed gameplay.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s what I’d do: Get your copy of the game now, then spend some time watching people play it to see if it’s worth an install on your system. It doesn’t cost anything—or, really, take any time—to associate the free game with your account. You don’t have to download it if you find your interest wavering.

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