June 21, 2021

Accessory Maker NEXiLUX Launches Its ‘Joy-Con Alternative’ Controllers For Nintendo Switch


Video game accessory maker NEXiLUX is the latest to release a new set of third-party controllers for the Nintendo Switch. They’re called ‘Joy-Con Alternative’, so we imagine it’s fairly clear what they’re trying to replicate.

Yes, serving as a cheaper way to get your hands on a new set of Joy-Con for your Switch, these new controllers are available in both Blue/Red and Solid Black. A set costs $44.99, so they’re significantly cheaper than Nintendo’s official controllers, and can be used either separately in each hand or together in a grip.

They’re said to offer “accurate motion control and improved ergonomics with rounded edges,” and also come with a Type-C cable in the box so that you can charge them from a power source (note the little charge ports on each controller).

If you’re interested, you can order either colour from Amazon as we speak (Black / Red + Blue). Those of you in the US should also find them available at Walmart at Total Console.

What do you think? Has the design caught your eye, or are they a little too quirky for your tastes? Let us know with a comment.

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