June 21, 2021

Pre-Orders Go Live For Moon, The ’90s ‘Anti-RPG’ Launching In The West For The Very First Time

Moon SwitchMoon Switch

For the first time since it originally launched back in 1997, players in the west are finally on the verge of being able to play Moon, the cult classic ‘anti-RPG’ that was only ever released in Japan.

The Switch eShop listing for the game is now live, meaning you can go ahead and pre-purchase it ready for its release next week. It’ll cost you $18.99 if you choose to pick it up, with the game set to become playable from the 27th August.

We’ve gone over the story of Moon before, but in case you’re only hearing about this for the first time, let us fill you in once more. The game was created by a number of ex-Square staff (who had worked on the likes of Super Mario RPG and Romancing SaGa) after they left the company to work on their own material. Moon was their grand debut, an ‘anti RPG’ which challenged the usual traits of the genre.

It launched for PlayStation in Japan in 1997 and was scheduled to arrive in North America around the same time, but the game’s publisher eventually decided against it. It finally resurfaced on the Japanese Switch eShop last year and went straight to the top spot on the eShop downloads charts. Now, for the first time ever, it’s getting an English-language release in the west.

Are you intrigued by this one? Will you be checking it out when it launches next week? Let us know in the comments.

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