March 4, 2021

Educational Games For Kids Brings More Than 20 Edutainment Games To Switch

Not everyone’s ready to jump through classic Mario rereleases and fight their way through new Zelda epics, so if you have any little ‘uns in your life, you might want to keep an eye out for Educational Games For Kids.

This family-friendly compilation is a bundle of more than 20 edutainment games that have been designed specifically for children and young adults. Naturally, it aims to both entertain and educate children in equal measure through reflex games, logic games, math games, memory games and knowledge games.

It also has a built-in statistics feature so that parents can keep an eye on how their child’s doing as they play. Here’s a quick feature list:

20+ Fun Edutainment Games
– 50+ Variations Of Play
– Suitable To Players Aged 3-18
– Crisp, Colorful Design & Visuals
– Unlockable Dragon Game
– Fun Categories, such as: Reflexes, Logic, Math, Memory and Knowledge.

We also have a full list of those 20+ games:

1) Reflex: Riding a tricycle. (Ages: 3-4)
2) Reflex: Riding a scooter. (Ages: 5-7)
3) Reflex: Riding a bike. (Ages: >8)
4) Logic: Jigsaw puzzles with four variations. (Ages: >3)
5) Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with many variations. (Ages: >6)
6) Knowledge: World Geography of Countries/States plus capital cities. Huge game that includes all the world. (Ages: >11)
7) Knowledge: World Flags. Another huge game with many variations. (Ages: >11)
8) Memory: Sharpen your child’s memory. Three difficulty variations. (Ages: >3)
9) Logic: Mazes. Find your way out the maze. Five difficulty variations. (Ages: >3)
10) Just for Fun: Dress up a girl just for fun. (Ages: 3-5)
11) Just for Fun: Color many sketches just for fun. (Ages: 3-5)
12) Logic: Categorize the animals, birds and fish. (Ages: 3-5)
13) Logic: Categorize the colors of the objects around you. (Ages: 3-5)
14) Logic: Categorize the shapes of the objects around you. (Ages: 3-5)
15) Knowledge: Get to know the sound each musical instrument makes. (Ages: >6)
16) Logic: Learn how colors are mixed. (Ages: >6)
17) Logic: Build IQ by understanding patterns. (Ages: >4)
18) Logic: Is it a toy or is it food? Simple and fun game for young children. (Ages: 3-4)
19) Logic: Match the shape to its identical hole. (Ages: 3-4)
20) Knowledge: Learn and hear the number from 1 to 20 by popping balloons. Translated professional speech in eight languages included. (Ages: 3-4)
21) Hidden Dragon Game. Needs all games completed with 3 stars to unlock! (Ages: >4)

Educational Games For KidsEducational Games For Kids

The game’s now available on select platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and Steam, with the Switch version “coming soon”.

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