May 18, 2021

Overwatch Is Going Free-To-Play On Switch For A Week In Japan

Overwatch SwitchOverwatch Switch

Overwatch will temporarily be made free-to-play for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan later this month, as part of an ongoing benefit of the service in Nintendo’s home country.

Subscribers will be able to get stuck into the game for free from 13th – 20th October, and even those enjoying free trials of Nintendo Switch Online qualify. Save data from this free version of the game can be carried over to the full version, which will incidentally be discounted by 25% until 27th October (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

In the past, games like Pokkén Tournament DX, Fire Emblem Warriors, Dead Cells and Celeste have also been offered up in full for a week in Japan, with full-game discounts being put in place to tempt players into a purchase.

Would you like to see more full-game trials like this in the west? Let us know in the usual place.

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