April 17, 2021

Nintendo Enlists Brie Larson And Awkwafina To Expand Switch’s Reach This Christmas

Brie and NoraBrie and Nora

You could argue that any money Nintendo spends on marketing the Switch this Christmas is a waste, given that the console is selling like hotcakes and awareness is already super-high, but it’s worth remembering that the hybrid system now has two next-gen rivals to contend with – and with that in mind, Nintendo has started rolling out the kind of wide-reaching promotional material that was commonplace during the heady days of the DS and Wii.

Nintendo has enlisted the assistance of Hollywood star and self-proclaimed Animal Crossing fan Brie Larson for one of its commercials, where she runs through some of her favourite Switch games. In another ad, actress and rapper Nora Lum – better known as Awkwafina – shows off why the Switch has been such a boon during a year of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That Nintendo is leveraging the star power of such individuals isn’t anything new – its commercials have starred the likes of Beyonce, Robin Williams (and his daughter, Zelda), Ant and Dec, Patrick Stewart and One Direction – but it’s interesting that it has chosen two female stars in this particular case, a possible move to widen the appeal of the Switch across that particular demographic.

The ads do a pretty good job of communicating the appeal of the Switch – but how do you think they rank compared to other commercials we’ve seen over the years?

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