April 19, 2021

Random: Dust Off Your Wii U, It’s Time For Some Banjo-Kazooie And Blast Corps


Update [Wed 30th Dec, 2020 10:00 GMT]: Nintendo has updated the release schedule on its Japanese website and sure enough it was a mistake. Sorry folks!

“Banjo-Kazooie’s Adventure” and “Blast Dozer” have been posted as Wii U software delivered on December 30, 2020, but they will not be delivered. We apologize for the correction. (2020.12.30)

Original article [Wed 30th Dec, 2020 05:45 GMT]: It’s nearly the end of the year and to go out with a bang, Nintendo is listing whatever games it wants on its official website…

As spotted earlier today by the Twitter account @wight90297332, Nintendo’s Japanese release schedule for December features the N64 titles Banjo-Kazooie and Blast Corps for the Wii U Virtual Console. Yep, apparently, they are due out today…?

As noted in Gematsu’s tweet above, both links are unavailable. If you do click them, it’ll bring up a message explaining the page has either been deleted, modified, or is currently available. In saying this, you can still see the listings on the main release schedule page – with Microsoft Japan down as the publisher.

Nintendo Life IMGNintendo Life

We assume this is a major blunder on Nintendo’s end. Even so, it’s got us wondering why these two Rare games – a company now owned by Microsoft – are listed when neither game got a Virtual Console release in the first place.

If we hear anything else, we’ll update this post. In the meantime, tell us what you make of all this in the comments.

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