April 23, 2021

Early Playthrough Suggests Bowser’s Fury Takes “Roughly 3 Hours To Beat”

Bowser's FuryBowser's Fury© Nintendo

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the new add-on for Super Mario 3D World is just how long this adventure will last.

On the official game website, Nintendo describes Bowser’s Fury as a “short but action-packed” standalone adventure. So how long is it? According to now-removed information on a VentureBeat article (via GoNintendo), the main game takes “roughly 3 hours to beat” and “6 hours” to 100%.

Keep in mind, this playtime (assuming the source is accurate) will vary depending on the type of player you are. At the top of the same article, author Mike Minotti states the following:

“I’ve been able to play through the adventure thanks to a code I got from Nintendo, so I can tell you! Bowser’s Fury may not be the length of a full-sized Mario adventure. It’s not as long as, say, Super Mario Odyssey. But it’s also much more than a few bonus levels. It is a full concept, fleshed out enough to feel like a fulfilling experience.”

“Beating Bowser’s Fury is a complete adventure, especially when you take the time to collect all the Cat Shines (this game’s equivalent of Super Mario 64’s stars or Super Mario Odyssey’s moons).”

In our own Nintendo Life preview, Chris Scullion said “it remains to be seen how long this mode actually is” but noted how it was “shaping up to be an impressive package” regardless.

How would you feel about three-six hours worth of new content? Will you be picking up Super Mario 3D World again, specifically for this new add-on game? Leave a comment down below.

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