May 18, 2021

More Than Five Million Bowser Were Defeated In Super Mario Bros. 35’s World Count Challenge

Super Mario Bros. 35Super Mario Bros. 35

Nintendo’s special challenge requiring players to defeat 3.5 million Bowsers in Super Mario Bros. 35 is now complete.

It seems team Mario smashed this goal out of the park – defeating a total of 5,363,696 Bowsers. Everyone who participated in this event will be gifted 350 My Nintendo Platinum Points. Woohoo!

This event began last week, on 19th January – that’s a lot of Bowser defeated in that time frame. More details about the second and third challenges will be revealed at a later date, so keep an eye out for that.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is a limited-time release and will be removed from the eShop on 31st March this year, alongside a bunch of other Mario-related content. Did you help defeat Bowser in this latest event? Leave a comment down below.

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