March 1, 2021

Celebrate 25 Years Of Pokémon With This Pikachu-Themed PowerA Controller

Pikachu 25Pikachu 25

If the recently revealed Apex Legends PowerA controller doesn’t particularly interest you, perhaps you would prefer this Pikachu-themed to mark 25 years of Pokémon.

This latest controller from PowerA is another enhanced wireless pro controller designed for use with the Nintendo Switch. “025” not only happens to be Pikachu’s National Pokédex number, but it also happens to line-up with the series’ anniversary.

The controller will apparently be released on 15th March and should be available for $49.99, although the listing appears to have been temporarily removed from Amazon.

This enhanced wireless controller supports Bluetooth 5.0 and includes motion controls, mappable gaming buttons, built-in LEDs, and an internal rechargeable battery – lasting for up to 30 hours. Note: NFC and rumble not supported.

What do you think of this latest PowerA controller? Tell us down below.

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