April 22, 2021

Fight To Become The Coin King In Super Mario Bros. 35’s Next Event

Smb35Smb35© Nintendo

The clock is ticking for Super Mario Bros. 35, but before it gets delisted on March 31st, Nintendo is keeping players busy. Recently tasking us with killing Bowser 3.5 million times – which feels excessive by most counts – we’ve received details about this week’s newest event.

Going live on February 12th, we’ll be getting the 4th “Coin King Clash” so far. Previous events had focused on players completing specific levels but now, we’re going through the entire set. From World 1-1 to World 8-4 in order, you’ll need to beat them all.

Upon completion, Nintendo will inform players of their rankings, going up to 10th place. It sounds like a fair challenge and, like before, this event is available for 3 days.

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